The Functional Health Podcast

#35 The Mac Twins - Gut Stuff: How to improve your gut health, why gut health is linked to whole body health and what you can do to improve yours

December 14, 2020

Welcoming the Mac Twins! The two DJs, Lisa and Alana Mac, are the founders of The Gut Stuff, helping to bring cutting-edge scientific information regarding gut health to the masses.  We discuss practical tips for good gut health and how to optimise wellbeing whilst living a modern-day hectic lifestyle. 

We touch upon the importance of the microbiome, what changes bacterial diversity, the tell-tale signs that your gut health isn't optimal and much much more. 

These two are absolute powerhouses - full of energy and charisma.


#gut #guthealth #microbiome #microbiota #lifestyle #lifestylemedicine 

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