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#46 Dr Nilesh Satguru - How to cultivate joy, happiness and compassion. Shift your mindset and believe in growth.

May 10, 2021

Nilesh is a wonderfully warm individual and is a certified high-performance coach, speaker and medical doctor. He works as a director for the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine and sits on the national sleep steering committee. His mission is to inspire a community to “Believe In Growth”. Through his work, he aims to spread a message of compassion, openness, challenge and growth.  

I have no doubt that there will be something in this podcast that you will resonate with. We share some of our own personal stories and battles throughout this conversation and Nilesh has a brilliant outlook on the world and how to tackle the many challenges that life throws at us. 


Do connect with him on the links below:



Book - The Lion Inside


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