The Functional Health Podcast

#48 Antony Haynes - How to improve hormonal and neurological resilience

June 14, 2021

Antony has been in private practice for over 28 years and is one of the most experienced
Registered Nutritional Therapists in the country. He is one of the first practitioners to
implement the principles of Functional Medicine in the UK, since 1992.

Antony has seen over 18.000 clients and has learned much from the experiences. Each person
is unique and has taught Antony that principles are what count not protocols. 

I first became aware of Antony through his work at Clinical Education and met him at an IHCAN event in 2017. I was delighted that we could catch up on this recording. 

In this conversation, we discuss:

- How our hormones affect our mental state

- The link between neurotransmitters and anxiety

- How to curb inflammation 

- Targeted interventions to improve resilience 



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