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#53 Emma Beswick - Are genetics linked to our stress response, the effect of alcohol and nutrition on anxiety & much more

December 6, 2021

Emma Beswick is a Nutritional Therapist and nutrigenomics specialist. She is the founder and CEO of Lifecode Gx®, the UK’s leading nutrigenomics testing, research and training company. Emma lectures widely on the subject of nutrigenomics and is well respected for her knowledge and ability to present complex aspects of nutrigenomics in an accessible and clinical relevant way. 

I found this conversation hugely interesting which highlights our bio-individuality and how our lifestyle and diet can have enormous effects on our stress responses and overall health. 

In this fascinating conversation, we cover: 

-  How stress is related to our genetics

-  How our diet and alcohol can influence our stress levels

-  What vitamins and minerals support our stress response

-  Our personal stories and realisations

and much much more. 






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