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#54 Dr Jenna Macciochi - How to build a resilient immune system

December 21, 2021

Dr Jenna Macciochi is an immunologist, author and is on a mission to unravel the science around the immune system and help people decode exactly what it takes to be well in the modern-day.

In this episode we discuss the topic of immune resilience. Not just how we stop getting ill but how we can bounce back from illness.

In this fascinating discussion we touch upon:

  • Exercise, fitness in relation to immunity

  • How vegetables, fruit and polyphenol intake affects immunity

  • Vitamins and minerals and the immune system

  • Supplements

  • And much, much more

Jenna has over 20 years’ experience researching the impact of diet and lifestyle on the immune system and her curiosity about the human body in health and disease has driven her research, deepening her understanding of how what we eat and how we live affects out health and wellbeing.

IG @dr_jenna_macciochi

Twitter @drjmacc

University of Sussex


1-2-1 work

1st Book

2nd book which is out Feb 24th next year:

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